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Say farewell to frizz! Getting the best result from your keratin treatment.

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Say farewell to frizz! Obtaining the best result from your keratin treatment

Not feeling your frizz? You’re not alone! Frizzy hair can be the bane of many people’s existence, particularly during more humid months. If this sounds like you, have you considered what a chemical relaxer such as a keratin treatment can do?

Within our bodies, keratin is the naturally occurring protein that plays a major role in maintaining the quality of our skin, nails and hair. Therefore, as keratin protects from the type of damage that causes hair to frizz, it makes sense to treat locks to a restorative protein boost.

Clients new to keratin treatments often ask how long afterward they can expect to enjoy a frizz-free life. Typically, a keratin treatment (often referred to as a Brazilian blowout) will tame unruly frizz for somewhere between four and six months. However, as this timeframe is based on a variety of factors, the exact span can vary from person-to-person. Considerations include an individual’s maintenance routine and lifestyle considerations.

To guarantee the most enduring result possible for your hair, the team at Co and Pace Salons will make sure you leave the salon with the products and knowledge required.

Are you a keratin newbie? Why not pick our brains?

There is now a plethora of keratin-based smoothing products available, each capable of achieving different results for a variety of hair types. Rest assured the ideal combination of treatments to give your hair a new frizz free lease on life exists amongst the numerous keratin products and complimentary smoothing protocols available.

Keratin is no longer solely used as a hair straightening treatment. Whilst still offering a smooth and shiny look, you don’t have to commit to dead straight hair. Today, with expert knowledge and application, keratin treatments can tame frizz whilst maintaining hair texture and a natural look and feel (which is super on trend in 2021!) So, if you’ve curly hair or natural waviness you’re keen to retain minus the frizz, this can absolutely be achieved with a keratin treatment.

If you know anything about Co and Pace Salons, you’ll be aware we love a good yarn with our clients. Sit down with one of our keratin experts, discuss your goals and we’ll consider the right treatment for you.

Choosing the right treatment approach to begin with!

The team at Co and Pace Salons will make sure to give you the rundown on the different products and approaches to keratin treatment, plus the impact on your specific hair type based on its colour, whether it’s dyed and your regular maintenance routine.

It’s also important we obtain a sense of your lifestyle, as various factors can impact the effectiveness of results over time.

Armed with a good knowledge of keratin treatments, you’ll be in a stronger position to make a final decision about whether keratin is right for you (and if so, which approach to choose). Making the right decision at this stage will underpin the quality and length of time your results will last.

Whilst we understand there are lots of quality options available in the keratin space, our team favours the Lakmé Aura Smoothing Treatment, thanks to its status as the first ever biotechnological, vegan, hair smoothing treatment.

We love this keratin treatment, as not only has it been created using only organic ingredients, we’ve found it to be the most effective product based on its straightening, softening and shine capabilities.

The Lakmé Aura Smoothing Treatment also boasts superior results when it comes to retaining your hair’s moisture, plus general day-to-day manageability.

Be kind to your hair

Proper keratin treatment after care is vital. Following your keratin smoothing treatment, your hair will be at it most vulnerable for the next two to three days. Allowing your hair to fall naturally – rather than tying it up or even tucking it behind your ears – will avoid the appearance of creases and / or dents. If you really want to be good to your hair, consider investing in a silk pillowcase! It may sound like an over-the-top tip, but this can reduce friction, meaning smoother and stronger hair.

It’s also crucial you avoid all other chemical hair treatments for a minimum three weeks following treatment. These have the potential to open hair cuticles, causing the keratin treatment to ‘bleed’ out (thereby reducing the length of time the treatment remains effective.)

Beyond the salon . . . choosing the right maintenance products

Of course, we can only achieve so much in the salon. What happens to your fresh, frizz-free locks once you walk out our doors is up to you. Fortunately, we won’t let you go without sharing our insights into the best after care products for your treatment, hair type and lifestyle.

One important tip is to avoid hair products that contain sulfates or lathering agents. Both are well-known to prematurely strip a keratin treatment from hair, significantly reducing not only the quality of the finish but the length of time results are expected to last. Therefore, a sulfate-free shampoo after keratin treatment is the only way to go to both prolong and optimise results.

Go easy on the washing and the heat!

Whilst we’re on the topic of shampoos, we cannot stress strongly enough the importance of not over washing hair after keratin treatment, in the weeks and months following.

In fact – for the first three days – you’ll need to remain extra vigilant about keeping hair 100% dry. If for any reason your hair becomes sweaty, make sure to blow-dry as soon as possible (as sweat can damage the treatment, too.)

Beyond the initial three days – as a keratin treatment is a semi-permanent solution – washing hair too regularly will lead to a depletion in the levels of the vital oils hair depends on to maintain a natural, frizz-free look (as well as curls and waves!)

The gentlest approach from your hair’s perspective is to use cold water for rinsing, also avoiding application of any unnatural heat via utensils such as flat irons and curling tongs. If possible, always forego the hair dryer in favour of letting hair dry naturally at its own pace.

Consider any impacting lifestyle factors

To really obtain the most out of your keratin treatment, you may need to rethink certain activities. For instance, swimming or long runs in warm and humid weather will drench hair, causing the treatment to ‘bleed’ prematurely. If you’re someone who leads an active lifestyle, you can mitigate some of the risk by applying a leave-in conditioner before partaking in such activities.

When it comes to swimming in particular, chlorine will quickly degenerate your hair’s new, protective keratin layer. As well, salt water can reduce the effectiveness of a keratin treatment.

If you notice your results beginning to fade faster than expected, it’s important to discuss your maintenance routine and any possible contributing lifestyle factors with a professional. Our expertise can help identify potential changes that can be made to improve and extend results.

Remember . . . your friends at Co and Pace Salons are always happy to help and offer advice, not only for the best experience and outcomes in-salon but independent, effective, keratin treatment aftercare.

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