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Welcome to Co and Pace Salons. Our skilled, passionate and creative team can’t wait to greet you!

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Led by Brisbane’s very own internationally renowned, multiple award-winning hairdresser, Justin Pace – AHIA Creative 2023: Australian Hairdresser of the Year Winner – the team at Co and Pace Salons have mastered the art of blending classic, commercial and creative styles and techniques. Combining up-to-the-minute product knowledge with technical knowhow and artistic flair, clients enjoy striking results designed to last.

Co and Pace Salons have lovingly created what we believe represents the ultimate, high-end, Brisbane CBD boutique hair space. With a lux-yet-relaxed vibe, we’re committed to a guest-centric approach (plus strive to make sure you enjoy your entire experience with us.) Come in, make yourself comfortable and take advantage of some well-earned pamper time.

We all deserve to feel beautiful and confident. Within Co and Pace Salons, everyone is welcome. At any given time, our team entertains a diverse mix of corporate executives, busy mums and dads, teenagers, university students and everyone in between.

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“Recognised locally, nationally and internationally, why would you go anywhere else? Justin delivers a quality hair service EVERY SINGLE TIME. The team use quality products and the salon feels like something out of NY. You guys rock!”

Loretta McGeachin


We are known for delivering exceptional results – every time. By finding out about your likes, dislikes and daily routines, we create a finish that works perfectly with your existing aesthetic (plus one that suits your lifestyle!)

Cut / Style

The way we see it, our team’s job is to create a style that perfectly enhances your natural look – one that’s easy to maintain and style at home. This commitment means you enjoy that ‘fresh from the salon’ look – every single day.


A great colour will elevate your natural tones, offering a transformative, confidence-boosting outcome. Whether you’re simply looking for the best result from your usual colour or want to try something completely new, we’re here to help.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Smooth and shiny hair offers a healthy glow. Unwanted and unruly frizz certainly does not. A keratin smoothing treatment is the ideal solution for taming hair, even protecting it from the effects of humidity.

Hair Salon Brisbane

Led by Justin Pace (one of the best hairdressers Australia has produced), Co and Pace Salons operate from beautifully renovated headquarters in Ann Street, Brisbane (right in the heart of the city.) We’re instinctive people pleasers who not only work to give clients a gorgeous new hair style but a sense of escapism during appointments in beautiful surrounds.

We take a keen interest in the latest trends from around the world, plus keep an eye on potential next-generation shifts. This knowledge is used to cross-pollinate the modern with the classic, all achieved using the latest techniques, products and equipment.

We’re all about client relationships built to last – those with longevity in mind. The number of familiar faces who’ve stayed with us for years (if not decades!) is testament to the quality of work that permeates everything we do. Therefore, it’s little wonder we’ve built a solid reputation as one of the best hairdressers Brisbane has to offer.

For us, success means observing clients walk away with renewed self-assurance – all stemming from a fresh look created specifically for them by a team of experts.

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We’ve compiled a list of answers to some of your most frequently asked questions . . .

What styling products do you use and recommend?

In our opinion, great hair should be shiny, healthy and easy to maintain alongside the demands of your lifestyle. To ensure you’re able to recreate a salon-fresh look yourself, we recommend Redken 5th Avenue NYC products (alongside Kerastase, Shu Uemura and Pureology).

Redken 5th Avenue NYC is not only a range that’s used by many of the world’s most respected stylists but one that’s heavily associated with fashion, carrying genuine street appeal. In addition, these are products that stem from genuine science, with a vast array of knowledge going into the ongoing development of the range (ensuring unbeatable quality.)

With only the very latest, proven ingredients used, the people behind Redken 5th Avenue NYC know exactly what your hair needs to thrive. To recommend the best products for your cut, style, colour and lifestyle, our highly knowledgeable team is perpetually on-hand during appointments.

Do you cater for men’s haircuts and styles?

We absolutely do! Although our client base is largely female, our team gains just as much satisfaction from offering male clients the sharpest new looks.

I know I’m ready to change my look, but I don’t know where to start. Can you give me any advice?

Yes! That is exactly what we’re here for. Our goal is simple . . . to give a customised style that not only aligns with your personal tastes and enhances your natural features, but also works with your lifestyle.

Through a process of thorough consultation, we’ll create the perfect look for you and your life. Surprisingly for some, to kick-start this process we often begin by asking what you don’t like (working backward from here.) This is why we place such emphasis on finding out about our clients.

It’s extremely important to us your new look doesn’t peak within the four walls of our salon, but instead you have the time, skills and product knowledge required to maintain and recreate it every day until your next appointment.

Do you offer styling for fashion events, runway shows and magazine shoots?

This creative side of the business is a space in which we feel entirely comfortable (plus one we absolutely love immersing ourselves in!) While in-salon client services are tailored to ensure a style looks incredible and works for an individual’s lifestyle, runway shows and fashion shoots afford us the opportunity to really let our creative flair run wild!

Besides simply knowing how to follow a brief, we have the vision and talent to execute it perfectly (truly bringing the dream to life.) Put simply, to us this is artistry.

How far in advance do I need to book an appointment?

A majority of our clients require consistency of appearance, meaning when you take into consideration little things like re-growth and fading, the tendency is to book every six to eight weeks. As we maintain close relationships with our clients, many opt to book a year’s worth of appointments in advance (though this is not a stipulation.)

Regardless of your timeframe, we’ll always do our best to accommodate. The best advice we can give is the earlier you call to book, the more likely it is we’ll be able to find a spot that fits with your schedule.

I had a disaster at my usual salon. Can you fix it?

Unsurprisingly, you’re not the first to ask this question (and you certainly won’t be the last!) Whether your usual stylist has let you down (or you’re yet to find your usual stylist), we’re here to help. What can we say? We love a challenge! Our team is 100% committed to working with you to fix any mishaps.

Through a process of consultation regarding initial expectations versus the reality of your new hairstyle, we’ll suggest an approach that will not only rectify the issues but leave you with a solution that improves on your original vision. By the time you leave our care, you’ll be able to pretend your hair disaster never even happened. The only downside is you’ll wish you’d come to us first!

I have an unusual work schedule and can rarely attend a personal appointment during business hours. How easy would it be for you to find a spot for me?

At Co and Pace Salons, we have a diverse clientele of all ages and professions, from mums and dads to corporate executives, medical professionals to the hospitality crowd. To help accommodate everyone (regardless of how an individual’s working week looks), our opening and closing times are entirely flexible. Simply inform of your requirements and we’ll do our best to find a time that works.

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