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What is a keratin treatment? Everything you need to know!

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What is a Keratin treatment? Everything you need to know!

If you have lived with dreaded and inconvenient frizz, you’ll no doubt have explored the various methods of taming it. While the style and length of a haircut can make a huge aesthetic difference to the appearance of frizz, sometimes a stronger approach is required to achieve a frizz-free look you’re completely happy with.

The word ‘keratin’ may sound familiar. Fundamentally, it’s a strong protein produced by our bodies, and is responsible for maintaining the quality of our hair, skin and nails.

Keratin is one of our hair’s very best friends, thanks to its role in preventing breakage, heat damage and frizz. Unfortunately, natural levels of this protective protein can become depleted. This can often be the case amongst those prone to over-styling, and regularly using heat and / or chemicals.

Frizz is not uncommon or something to be overly-concerned about. But of course, being able to tick it off the list of things to consider as you go about daily life makes it worth exploring remedies. The good news is that today there are more products and treatments than ever, formulated to give your hair a healthy keratin supply boost.

Over the years, people have come to associate keratin treatments with a dead straight – some may even say lifeless! – head of hair. However, it is no longer purely used as a straightening treatment. While completely straight hair remains an option, the types of keratin treatments (also known as a Brazilian blowout) available have evolved massively in recent years to allow for all kinds of different end-results.

Essentially, the in-salon treatment and application process can be varied by your keratin specialist to meet individual needs and goals. Most often, this involves retaining natural waves and curls (simultaneously eliminating frizz) or helping tame wilder curls for a more relaxed finish.

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The Latest Trends

In 2021, we’ve seen a definite shift amongst clients as they move away from the popular straight styles of recent years toward a more natural look. With this in mind, the last thing many people should be doing right now is over-straightening. 

However, thanks to the abundance of keratin products and smoothing treatments available, there’s definitely a combination that’ll make your hair look and feel more natural, offer a smooth and shiny look, provide natural texture and leave a noticeably healthy glow . . . all free from frizz!

How long does a keratin treatment last?

Typically, this kind of treatment can see unruly frizz relaxed for anywhere between four to six months (though the exact timeframe will vary from person-to-person, based on a number of different factors.) As a general rule though, you can expect a quality keratin treatment to de-frizz for an absolute minimum of three months.

If you notice the results fading earlier, consider discussing your hair care regime and any contributing lifestyle factors with our team. We’re happy to provide expert advice for the ultimate in-salon and after care experience, and treatment success.

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How long does a keratin treatment take to apply?

The process will take somewhere in the region of three hours, so make sure you allow yourself plenty of time!

I only notice my frizz in the summer months. Is a keratin treatment worthwhile for me?

If you fall into this category, our advice would be to enjoy keratin-treated, frizz-free hair for the warmer half of the year (before leaving your locks to their own devices once again during the winter.) This will automatically halve the annual cost of your keratin treatment bill!

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Is a keratin treatment good for your hair?

If you’re worried about any damaged hair a keratin treatment may cause, the great news is that it won’t! Keratin treatments literally cannot be overdone. As keratin sits on the outside of each individual strand of hair (rather than piercing it), this treatment poses no risk to its integrity. Therefore, whenever you feel it’s needed, you can book an appointment . . . guilt-free.

What are the best keratin treatments and techniques to consider?

Our team has a number of highly-experienced specialists in the application of keratin hair treatments, with up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest global products and techniques. Aside from knowing which brands offer the best results, we also recommend other treatments able to give a smooth, shiny finish.

As an example . . . hyaluronic acid is a naturally-occurring chemical within our bodies, and one that contains powerful hydrating properties. Used alongside keratin, it provides an effective, gentle, straightening and hydrating finish.

Before commencing a keratin treatment, we’ll talk you through what to expect. Then, by applying the treatment we’ll fortify your hair with keratin and hyaluronic acid. As the treatment acts like a sponge, your hair will be coated with moisture-storing molecules, ultimately keeping strands hydrated and healthy.

Keratin treatments also provide a natural protective barrier, one that keeps other harmful elements – including pollution and humidity, two elements known to cause damage and frizz – away from the hair.

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Do you have tips on how I can best look after my newly keratin-treated hair?

We take our claim to offer the best keratin treatments in Brisbane very seriously. This includes equipping you with the tools to ensure the longest-lasting results post-appointment.


  • For the most enduring results, we’ll share our thoughts on the best haircare products for your specific hair-type, circumstances and lifestyle, alongside things to avoid. For instance, hair products containing sulfates or lathering agents are best left on the shelf, as both are known to prematurely strip a keratin treatment from the hair. Instead, a sulfate-free shampoo would be better.


  • Remember . . . don’t over-wash! This will only cause further depletion of the hair’s vital oils, essential for maintaining natural looking curls … and since we’re on the topic of washing, taking the kindest approach to hair is recommended, so cold water for rinsing and avoidance of a blow dry in favour of letting hair dry naturally. 


  • To extend the impact of a keratin treatment further, you might reconsider partaking in certain activities. For instance, chlorine is a chemical that’ll quickly degenerate a keratin layer in the hair. Even salt water can negatively impact the results of a keratin treatment. So essentially, regular pool or ocean swims are likely to significantly shorten its effectiveness.


If you’re keen for a low-maintenance, ‘beach chic’ look (comprising natural-looking curly hair without frizz), keratin could hold the key! If this sounds interesting, let’s not only have a chat about what you’d like to achieve. but come up with a treatment plan that’ll work for you.

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