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Keratin Treatment

Is your frizz leaving you frazzled?

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Frizzy hair that’s out of control?

Do concerns about the impact of humidity on your hair interfere with your enjoyment of warmer weather? Well, worry no more! Smooth and shiny hair reflects a healthy glow. Unruly frizz most certainly does not. Frizzy hair is a bug bear for many and can be particularly problematic when either residing in or visiting a humid climate. The fact is, if you don’t feel great about your hair, it can detract from your enjoyment of other things.

If you weren’t already familiar with the term, it’s time to meet your new best friend . . . the keratin treatment (to use the name most associated with this form of hair intervention) or another of its equally effective monikers. Typically, this kind of treatment offers results that can see unruly frizz relaxed for anywhere between four to six months.

Tame your hair with a keratin treatment – as many times as you like!

The best news about a keratin treatment (or any of its equivalents) is it’s one of those rare haircare approaches you literally cannot overdo! As the treatment sits on the outside of each individual strand of hair (rather than penetrating inside), it poses no threat to the hair’s integrity. Therefore, whenever you feel it’s needed, you can have absolute confidence in making an appointment (knowing it will cause absolutely no damage whatsoever.)

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“I really look forward to my appointments at Co and Pace Salons. The location is great and the staff are warm and friendly. Best of all my stylist Matt is so skilled at cutting my hair. His attention to detail is second to none. I find my hair is super easy to manage between salon visits. An all round positive experience.”

Maggie Crocombe

Keratin Straightening Treatment Brisbane

Co and Pace Salons boast an eclectic team of passionate and highly skilled hair care professionals, each hand-picked by virtue of the unique areas of expertise they bring to the mix. We are blessed to have highly experienced specialists in the application of keratin treatments and its equivalents. You can rest assure you’re in capable hands, guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of a quality outcome.

Softer, smoother hair is a keratin treatment away

We enjoy nothing more than witnessing the smiles on the faces of clients who discover this treatment and what it’s capable of. We know from their glowing feedback what an incredible difference it can make to their appearance and lives. Not only will your hair continually look on-point (regardless of humidity), but your confidence will likely gain a boost, too!

Keratin treatment techniques

Many different and highly effective iterations of this type of treatment have been developed and embraced by hair experts and happy clients the world over. Each can be used and applied in a variety of ways, the recommended approaches varying based on clients’ individual concerns and desired outcomes.

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Looking after your newly keratin-treated hair

To ensure you obtain the longest-lasting results from your keratin treatment, it’s best to avoid using hair products that contain sulfates or lathering agents (both of which are known to prematurely strip this treatment from the hair.) Chlorine is damaging for your hair at the best of times and is another chemical that will quickly disintegrate the keratin layer following exposure.

Even salt water isn’t ideal, regular ocean swims likely to significantly shorten the treatment’s effectiveness. If you have any questions about these or other precautions you can take to maximise the longevity of your results, feel free to inquire during your appointment (or give us a call!)

Protecting your hair

Some clients may notice the treatment’s protection levels significantly reduce prior to the minimum four months you should expect. If that’s the case, consider discussing your hair care regime and any contributing lifestyle factors with the team at Co and Pace Salons.

We’re always happy to provide expert advice, recommending the best shampoos, conditioners and other haircare products for the ultimate after care treatment.

What type of keratin treatment do you use and recommend?

At Co and Pace Salons, we favour a version of the keratin treatment known as the Lakmé Aura Smoothing Treatment. When choosing this product as opposed to the many quality alternatives on the market, our decision was influenced by the weighing of many different factors.

Firstly, the Lakmé Aura Smoothing Treatment can claim to be the first ever biotechnological, vegan, hair smoothing treatment. Made entirely using organic ingredients, this product offers greater straightening, softening and shining capabilities when compared to other keratin treatments. Thanks to its superior capabilities for reducing dryness, you’ll notice your hair become more manageable. Drying is faster too, and because it’s not a permanent treatment (unlike a chemical straightening solution), the natural movement and volume of your hair will not be impacted.

Finally . . . in case you’re still not sold, it even creates an anti-pollution barrier, further protecting your hair from the harshness of the elements.

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How do I book my keratin smoothing treatment?

1. Call and check appointment availability

As so many of our client relationships are long-standing, many customers tend to book 12 months of appointments at the beginning of each year. For this reason, our appointment book tends to remain consistently busy.

Considering a keratin treatment takes somewhere in the region of three hours, the more notice you’re able to give, the more likely we’ll be able to fit you in when requested. That said, this is by no means a black and white rule. No matter how tight your ideal timeframe, it’s always worth a call. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate.

2. On arrival

At Co and Pace Salons, we’re a happy team. We not only love our clients but also the work we do. You can expect consistency, always greeted by a familiar, smiling face. As we want you to feel at home the moment you walk through the door, we’ve an unwavering commitment to service, service, service!

You’ll be led to a comfy seat, given a hot or cold refreshing towel, provided with a selection of your favourite magazines, a delicious snack, and a hot or cold drink (and that includes alcohol for anyone feeling inclined!)

While we encourage you to leave your worries at the door and use the time to relax, we also understand that sometimes the world just won’t wait. For this reason, we offer high-speed WiFi access for those who’d like to use the time to set up a workstation, clear a few emails or catch up on socials.

3. Our process

Before commencing the keratin treatment, we’ll talk you through the process (so you’ll know exactly what to expect.) Then, by applying the Lakmé Aura Smoothing Treatment, we’ll effectively fortify your hair with hyaluronic acid. This chemical naturally occurs in our bodies and contains powerful hydrating properties.

The treatment essentially acts like a sponge, coating the hair with moisture-storing molecules. By applying to the hair, it keeps strands hydrated and healthy. It also provides a natural protective barrier to block pollution, humidity and other external elements that can damage (producing dreaded frizz!)

4. Maintenance

Our goal in applying the keratin treatment to your hair is to eliminate frizz and leave you with noticeably smoother, shinier, healthier and more manageable hair. We also want to arm you with the tools and knowledge to ensure the results last as long as possible. Ideally, you shouldn’t need another keratin treatment for around six months.

However, this timeframe can be reduced if the hair and treatment are not properly maintained. Before you leave the salon, we’ll impart our expert advice pertaining to which hair care products to use and those to avoid. We’ll also provide guidance on the types of activities you should either evade or limit. This will prevent the treatment from being compromised and its effectiveness reduced.

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Do you have a question about keratin treatments in Brisbane? Check out our responses to some of your most frequently asked queries . . .

How do I know if a keratin treatment is right for me?

If you have unwanted frizz and it’s impacting your confidence and the way you feel about your appearance, a keratin treatment is definitely worth considering. At Co and Pace Salons, we’re all about helping you live life with confidence.

If you’re still not sure, why not sit down with one of our dedicated keratin experts and talk through any questions or concerns? We’ll run through the pros and cons as they relate to your specific circumstances, ultimately helping you make a decision about whether or not it’s a path you’d like to pursue.

How long does a keratin treatment last?

Depending on your lifestyle and maintenance routine, the frizz-free results of a single keratin treatment can last up to six months (and at a minimum, four.) Chlorine is particularly damaging and will quickly disintegrate the keratin layer. Regular ocean swims can be problematic too, with saltwater known to significantly shorten the treatment’s effectiveness.

In terms of ongoing at-home maintenance, look out for shampoos and conditioners that don’t contain damaging sulphates. These are known to strip hair of the treatment prematurely, significantly inhibiting the length of time you’ll be able to enjoy your new frizz-free look before further treatment is needed. Put simply, the more effectively you look after your keratin treatment, the more effectively it will look after you!

Can regular keratin treatments risk damaging my hair?

No! One of the many great things about a keratin treatment is that it’s designed for regular use. As it sits on the outside of each individual hair strand (as opposed to piercing), no damage is caused, no matter how frequently it’s applied.

How far ahead do I need to book my keratin treatment?

Considering it’s a treatment that requires a three-hour window, the more notice you’re able to provide, the better. We very rarely have ‘quiet periods’, so booking as far in advance as is realistic will increase the likelihood of a long-enough window of availability that fits your schedule.

Naturally, this is not a stipulation. Something like a keratin treatment (particularly if it’s your first time) might not be something you feel able to commit to so far in advance. Therefore, regardless of your timeframe, give us a call and we’ll pull out the stops to make it happen!