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Your hair colour is a very personal choice. While some prefer to stick to what they’ve known and felt comfortable with for years, others present keen to embark on a hair colour adventure as a means of expressing themselves or making an impact.

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We understand the power and importance of the right hair colour choice.

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Colour me happy!

At Co and Pace Salons, we’re often describe as a colourful team (in more ways than one!) Our colour specialists brim not only with personality but also skill, putting your mind at ease. They’ll help instil the confidence needed to make what can often seem like a big change. The right choice of hair colour has the potential to elevate your natural features and offer a transformative outcome . . . one you’ll be thrilled with!

As we know everything there is to know about colouring, we’ll take the time to share our insights, empowering with the knowledge required to help make the perfect choice. Since we’re stringent perfectionists with a thirst for information, we actively seek out, learn and master the very latest colouring techniques.

A look designed especially for you!

The combination of a tailored hair style and the right colour can immediately elevate personal aesthetic, simultaneously fitting in with the mechanics of your lifestyle. This is why consultation is such an important aspect of what we do – especially when it comes to colour.

By taking the time to learn about your daily habits and routines, the demands of your job or family life, even your exercise routines; we’ll make sure you not only walk away with a result that looks fabulous but one that can be maintained via a realistic, sustainable routine.

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Top Hair Colouring Techniques

There are a multitude of colouring techniques. These can be used independently or in various combinations for a more specific result. From classic approaches to industry-leading methods that support today’s most on-trend looks, rest assured our approaches are designed to provide the exact result you’re looking for (whilst protecting your hair from damage!)

The great thing about our in-depth, up-to-the-minute knowledge of all things colour is our ability to seamlessly combine multiple techniques to create a single look. When deciding on the final approach, various factors are taken into consideration. This might include the length of hair or result you’re going for, sections where colour needs to pop and the nature of the change (for example light to dark, dark to light and how extreme).


Ombré refers to the practice of painting colour onto sections of medium to long hair for a two-toned effect. Typically, this involves a darker shade at the top (many darker haired clients opting for their natural colour) and a lighter section at the bottom. The technique can also be used to apply a range of different colour combinations, including more unusual options like blue, pink or purple for those who enjoy a bold statement. Advantages of this technique include versatility, plus the reduced need for regular regrowth touch ups (thanks to the pre-existing dark top section.)


Balayage is a hair lightening technique designed to offer a softer, more natural or ‘sun-kissed’ appearance. Hand painting is used to apply colour to the outer surface of the hair, lightly at the roots, gradually becoming heavier toward the tips. For a more natural and dimensional effect, the underside of the hair remains darker.

Balayage is a technique that can yield amazing results when applied to any hair colour (though is unlikely to be the first option a colourist would recommend for clients with very dark hair.) Again, this approach reduces the need for regular touch-ups thanks to the already darker appearance of the roots.


When we refer to ‘highlights’, we’re basically describing what many know as ‘foils.’ For the uninitiated, colour is applied to sections of hair, these sections then wrapped in sheets of foil for processing. As it helps to conduct heat more effectively than alternatives like plastic film or open air, the use of foil is advantageous. Foils allow the colour to permeate deeper into the hair, simultaneously keeping the treated sections separate from the areas not receiving colour.

While freehand techniques tend to offer a more natural result, the foiling approach provides structure and improved opportunities for a customised finish. For darker-haired clients aiming to lighten their hair significantly, foiling is recommended to ensure a brighter result. The downside? This technique tends to require more product than alternatives, plus involves a longer application process. In addition, regrowth is usually more noticeable (meaning more frequent touch-ups may be necessary to maintain consistency of appearance.)

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“Highly recommend this salon. It was my first time there and I have never left happier in any other salon compared to Co and Pace. Staff listen and take their sweet time to make sure your hair is perfect. Will be going back again.”

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Lowlights / wetlights

Lowlights are used to add depth to hair. To give a highlight some extra impact, an adjacent lowlight is used. When you think about it, this makes sense . . . put something dark next to something light and thanks to the contrast, the result appears more effective.

The term ‘wetlights’ refers to the freehand application of a lightening powder at the basin to wet hair. The result is not a complete change to the appearance of the hair but one that accentuates its natural qualities, shine and radiance (regardless of colour.) An added benefit is the speed at which this process can be completed, meaning a significantly reduced time commitment when compared to alternatives.

Permanent / semi-permanent colour

These two options are rather self-explanatory. Permanent colour tends to be the way to go for beautiful browns, brunettes, coppers, reds and gray coverage . . . think rich, solid colours that create an impact. Since this type of colour doesn’t fade after a certain number of washes, you only ever need to worry about touching up regrowth (unless you want to change it up and try a different colour entirely, of course!)

By contrast, semi-permanent colour fades over time depending on how frequently you wash it, or whether you spend a lot of time swimming or enjoying other aquatic activities (chlorine and salt water are not kind to colour!) Treated well, you can expect your new colour to last for somewhere in the vicinity of six to 12 weeks. Beyond this, you’ll need to apply another full head of colour to recreate the look you had following your initial treatment. On the plus side, a semi-permanent solution makes it much easier to change if you decide you’re not as keen on your new look as you’d hoped.

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A commitment to the latest products and techniques

At Co and Pace Salons, we strive to remain at the cutting edge of colour, the adoption of new-and-improved techniques from around the world actively embraced. By using tried and trusted products that are proven to deliver, you can either commence or continue your colour journey with confidence. Rest assured, you’re placing your hair into expert hands.

From maintaining your traditional colour to making a bold change, beach-chic blondes to vibrant redheads, classic brunettes to raven-haired beauties – even the occasional edgy pop of a colour – there’s nothing to worry about when relying on the expertise of Co and Pace Salons.

Whatever your colouring goals, we’re always on-hand to talk you through the many options – ensuring an impressive result that exceeds expectations. We take our commitment to maintaining the integrity of your hair during treatment incredibly seriously, with all necessary precautions taken to mitigate any opportunity for damage.

Coppers / Red

Vibrant coppers and reds never fail to make an impact. Turn heads with a gorgeous, rich and warm colour that won’t fail to give your hair a healthy injection of pure personality!


Do blondes really have more fun? You can’t say for sure until you’ve given it a go! Isn’t it worth a ‘try and see’ at least once in your life? Granted . . . if you’ve always had dark hair, it will have added shock value (both for yourself and those you know.) If you’re a risk taker, it could be one of the best decisions you ever make!


Timeless, classic and beautiful. What more is there to say about gorgeous, elegant browns? Healthy-looking brunette hair has a timeless quality, one you can be confident will never go out of style.

Looking After Your New Colour

When it comes to your colour, the best and most lasting results do not happen by accident. Fundamentally, hair is a fiber that needs to be handled delicately if the quality of the colour and integrity of the hair are to be maintained. Need advice on how to achieve this? We have you covered!

Beyond the salon – how to protect your hair

Regular use of a quality shampoo and conditioner is always crucial. However, many people don’t know the qualities and ingredients that make a restorative product versus alternatives that can actually do hair more harm than good.

Ask us during your next appointment and we’ll gladly share our valuable, tailored insights around the right products and ingredients needed for the effective protection of your hair. With the right at-home regime, your colour will retain its impact for longer, while the hair itself will remain in peak condition.

Recommending the best products for you!

At Co and Pace Salons, we’re firmly in the Redken 5th Avenue NYC camp, along with a large majority of the world’s most trusted hair care experts. Thanks to its association with the world of fashion, it’s a brand that carries some major credibility (however this is far from the only reason we recommend it to clients.)

Since the brand was established in the 1960s, meticulous scientific research has fuelled continual ingredient and product improvements. The people at Redken 5th Avenue NYC take their responsibility to the protection of hair incredibly seriously. If you ask us, nobody knows more about maintaining healthy locks (both from an aesthetic and structural perspective.) For those who colour their hair, Redken 5th Avenue NYC’s high-quality product range will fortify and enrich. It will also protect the integrity of strands, ensuring they’re less susceptible to damage during future treatments.

In addition to Redken 5th Avenue NYC, Co and Pace Salons use other high-quality hair products (including but not limited to Kerastase, Shu Uemura and Pureology.)

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How we work: what to expect from the colouring process at Co and Pace Salons.

1. Call to check availability and book your appointment

Our regular and long-standing clients tend to know the minor touch ups and colour transformations they’re likely to need throughout the year. Many will therefore book a year’s worth of appointments at once. This is particularly true of clients who prioritise maintaining consistency of appearance. Depending on the treatment, when you take into consideration factors like re-growth and fading, clients tend to book appointments at six to eight-week intervals. However – if you’re reaching out to us for the first time – give us a call, talk through what you’re hoping to achieve and we’ll pull out all the stops to accommodate. That said, please keep in mind we tend to remain consistently busy throughout the year. The earlier you can call to schedule your appointment, the more likely we’ll be able to find a time that suits your schedule.

2. On arrival

At Co and Pace Salons, you can expect to be greeted by a friendly member of the team the moment you step through the door. We’re here to make sure you have the most enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Enjoy a sense of escapism and the rare opportunity to leave your troubles at the door. Relax in one of our comfy seats, refresh yourself with a hot or cold towel, enjoy a delicious biscuit (or two) and treat yourself to a hot or cold drink. We’re even fully stocked with alcoholic beverages, if that tickles your fancy!

Flick through the latest editions of your favourite magazines or take advantage of our high-speed WiFi to set up a workstation, clear a few emails or scroll through socials. In next to no time, your expert colourist will be along to commence the transformation process.

3. Our in-salon process

If you’re unfamiliar with how we work at Co and Pace Salons or the colouring process in general, we’ll make sure to provide you with a thorough overview of what to expect.

We’ll begin with an in-depth consultation during which we’ll ask questions to help us develop a thorough understanding of your tastes, likes, dislikes and goals. From here, you’ll benefit from informed, honest advice on the most appropriate options to deliver the results you’re hoping for.

4. Ongoing maintenance

Our goal is to leave you with a stunning colour that imparts no negative impact on the integrity of your hair (plus one that complements your natural aesthetic and skin tone!)

Equally as important is the sharing of our significant expertise to arm you with knowledge of the maintenance products and tools that, once at home, will help obtain the greatest mileage out of your new colour (both in terms of a bright, vivid and rich appearance, plus longevity.)

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A few of our most frequently asked questions, expertly answered by some of the best hair colourists Brisbane has to offer . . .

How do I know what colour hair will best suit me?

This is a great question. It’s one thing flicking through a magazine and spotting a colour you like, but ultimately you need to be confident it will suit your skin tone and other features (plus the colour palette of the clothes you wear.) Then there’s your existing colour to take into consideration, plus previous treatments and the general health of your hair.

That’s one of the reasons our complimentary consultation process is so vital prior to the commencement of any treatment. Often, clients prefer to come in for their consultation before making an appointment. Either way – before commencing treatment – we’ll present you with our recommended plan containing all the necessary steps to achieve your new colour goal.

What products do you use and recommend, to help give my hair a healthy boost following a colouring treatment?

We are passionate advocates for the Redken 5th Avenue NYC brand. Not only does it have the ‘cool factor’ people love but the products are firmly rooted in scientific research (an expert team dedicated to ongoing product development and improvement.) Redken 5th Avenue NYC colour gives the most amazing, glossy shine, providing a rich, deep, long-lasting colour. Thanks to its ability to delay the fading process, we recommend a Kerastase in-salon ritual in tandem with a Redken 5th Avenue NYC colour.

Be mindful your choice of shampoo, conditioner, heat protector and other products can make a significant difference to the way your colour behaves. Ask us for tips and recommendations for specific products that’ll yield the best results for your hair and colour when used as part of an at-home maintenance routine.

How do I know which technique is best for me and my hair?

The great news is you don’t have to! There are lots of options, which for the uninitiated can seem overwhelming (though that’s exactly why you come to us!)

Our team will employ its collective knowledge of traditional, new and emerging colouring techniques to ensure we recommend a result that’ll meet expectations and suit your overall look. We’ll also ensure a realistic upkeep and maintenance schedule, one that seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle.

How long does a colour generally take?

This can vary a lot depending on the change you’re making, for example light to dark, dark to light and how extreme, length of your hair, previous treatments, chosen technique and the look you’re going for.

A straightforward, all-over single colour can take as little as one hour. If we had to give an average though, we’d probably say somewhere in the vicinity of two to three hours (however more complex colours can take between four and five hours.)

How far ahead do I need to book an appointment for a colour?

The longstanding relationships we’ve cultivated with many of our clients mean there is a tendency to book a year’s worth of appointments in one go. This is particularly true of clients who understand their colouring rhythm and when they’ll need a regrowth touch-up (or address the impacts of fading.)

That said, we totally understand that sometimes people want or need to make changes to their hair colour at much shorter intervals (which we fully support!)

Regardless of your timeframe, we’ll do our best to accommodate. As colour tends to require a longer appointment than a cut and style, booking as far ahead as you can is advisable to ensure we find a slot that suits your schedule.

Does regular colouring damage your hair?

We’re often asked about this and the short answer is yes and no! Inappropriate products applied by inexperienced hands can absolutely damage your hair. However, when conducted properly by a professional with an understanding of the limitations of your hair (based on previous treatments and overall health), given the right techniques and products, the integrity of your hair will not be put at risk.

At Co and Pace Salons, we’ll run through all appropriate options based on our expertise and the results of our extensive consultation process. We live and breathe making our client’s hair look the best it can be. We know exactly what it takes to obtain the desired result while protecting your tresses from any potential damage colouring might cause.