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When is it time for a hair change?

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When is it time for a hair change?

New year, new you? Why wait a year? If you’re craving a statement-making change to your appearance, the style and colour of your hair is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to transform. There are various catalysts that could lead you to decide it’s time for a new look, a few of the most common of which we’ve rounded up below . . .

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The COVID do-over

As the world continues to navigate the COVID-19 situation, the lucky ones of us here in Australia are inching ever-closer to the much-discussed ‘COVID-normal’ with each day that passes. That’s not to say it’s all over, but for the time being we’re enjoying a certain level of unrestricted living that has meant we can start doing the things we had previously taken for granted. In short, this means ‘getting back out there.’

There are many reasons you might embrace a new approach to your hair post-lockdown. Working from home has meant people spending much more time than is probably healthy looking at themselves on camera, thanks to the surge in virtual meetings. With it, we were given extra opportunities to criticise our own appearance, become bored of our look and spend time considering (even obsessing over) potential improvements we’d like to make.

In addition, with salon closures, your hair may have grown longer than you’d previously been used to, meaning suddenly you’ve extra length to work with (opening up a plethora of new style options to consider.)

At the same time, your colour may have faded or grown out during your lengthy spell confined at home, making it a logical step to consider a change of shade. At Co and Pace Salons, what we’ve been noticing generally in 2021 is a shift toward a more natural look. This has seen an increase in those opting to go from light to dark, or a shade that much more closely resembles their natural colour.

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Changes in lifestyle

With remote working likely to remain with us for the foreseeable future, more and more people are moving away from Australia’s densely-populated (and expensive!) built-up areas in search of a new way of life (from the country to the beach.)

There may be a big difference between the look you want to rock when living in the heart of a fashion-conscious metropolitan city versus the style you might choose if you opted for either a sea or tree change.

So . . . for a move from Brisbane to Byron Bay, you may find yourself leaning toward natural, easy-to-maintain hair (ideal when living in a more relaxed part of Australia.)

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The rebound glow-up

It’s not just the impacts of the pandemic driving clients to seek out a more dramatic change than usual. One significant ‘life change’ that drives people into the salon chair is a relationship break-up. Whether it’s a means of psychologically distancing yourself from a life you’re leaving behind, giving your confidence a boost as you re-enter the dating scene or perhaps making your ex jealous the next time you bump into them (no judgement here, we promise!), a break-up can provide the exact motivation you need to make a drastic change.

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Reflecting the various stages of life

As we progress through life, different hair styles are more appropriate at different stages. The cut you had in high school, for instance, is unlikely to be the same as the look you cultivate during the next phase of your education. Equally, when you gain your first job, you may decide it’s time to go for something a bit more mature and professional. New jobs and increasing levels of seniority may also demand some tweaks to your overall appearance, ensuring you always look the part and command respect.

Then there’s your personal life. Everyone wants something different for their wedding, that’s a given. If / when kids enter the equation, there becomes a tendency to gravitate towards comfort and ease-of-maintenance, trumping the supremacy of fashion and style.

With all the stresses that come along with a newborn baby, your hair is probably the last thing you want to be concerned about. Without wanting to give you a dowdy ‘mum hair’ aesthetic, there are so many chic, shorter cuts you can choose that will allow for easy maintenance (all the while leaving you looking amazing and feeling confident.)

Equally, changes in your health throughout life may also lead you to consider a less labour-intensive hairstyle, allowing for energies to be focused elsewhere.


The seasons

This one may sound obvious. Shorter hair in summer, making it easier to maintain as you cope with the impact of humidity and heat, as well as spending extra time at the beach or pool. In winter, the re-emergence of longer cuts and fringes, the lack of heat and humidity making fuller heads of hair much easier to maintain / keep looking their best.

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The fashions of the day

With instant access via social media to the very latest, on-trend styles and colours from around the world, new fashionable looks can sweep the globe in record time. Particularly in the age of insta and celebrity culture worship, it’s little wonder more and more people come to us looking to emulate the style of their favourite personality . . . and why not? If it means you walk out our doors feeling like a million bucks, we’d say that’s a change well worth making.

If you feel it’s time for a change but aren’t quite sure where to start, Co and Pace Salons can help. We’ll work with you to create a customised style that aligns with your personal tastes and enhances your natural features – one that fits perfectly with your lifestyle, ambition or any other outcome. Through consultation, our expert and friendly team will create the perfect look for you and your life.

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