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In 2021, five short haircut trends for women.

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The bob is back!
In 2021, five short haircut trends for women.

A myriad of short, low-maintenance styles are growing in popularity as Australians look for textured, natural aesthetics that fit with their busy and active lives.

While shorter cuts have always enjoyed a baseline of popularity, the most favoured looks have changed with the fashions of the day. While some go short solely for the purposes of fashion, others choose a cropped cut simply because it’s a better fit for their lifestyle. 

In an era where fitness is a priority for many, shorter styles that can easily be washed and left to dry naturally post-workout are the go-to choice for many of our clients this year.

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With the implementation and easing of various stages of COVID-19 restrictions up and down the country, Co and Pace Salons have noticed a definite trend amongst clients wanting to try something new. 

Either people have grown bored of their lockdown look or become frustrated with long, unruly locks that continue to grow whether salon doors are open or not! For these reasons, many are opting for the chop.

Whatever your hair type, there’s a shorter style to suit . . . whether you’re looking for haircuts for curly hair, straight locks or wavy tresses, our team have you covered. We’ve compiled a few examples to give a sense of the kinds of cuts that are set to be most in vogue this year.

  • The traditional bob is poised to make a triumphant comeback in 2021. Having taken something of a backseat lately whilst clients opt for longer styles, the dependable bob has crept back into favour with those looking for a clean, professional and classic look. 

On top of this, the tried and true bob has the added advantage of easy maintenance. The types of bob our clients are asking us about are those that create a softer look (rather than the sharp edges that have been popular in recent years.) When it comes to the best hairstyles for girls with short hair, trust when we say the bob is destined for huge popularity this year.

Aurora Borealis Collection - 2
  • Okay, hear us out . . . another short style enjoying a revival this year is the mullet! Yes, you heard that right. Even though it might sound like the ultimate curveball, check out the look on Miley Cyrus of late. The mullet has recently exploded and can now be found freshening up the looks of lockdown-fatigued ladies the world over. 

While this style has the familiar shades of the mullet we all know (and dare say love!), this iteration is flatter and more toned down (cut short at the fringe and around the ears.)

Miley has given a great example of how celebrity culture can impact what the rest of the world decides to do with their hair. Of course – with the help of social media – these celeb-inspired trends sweep the globe in a matter of minutes. Once a star adopts a look, their style can be in store and in demand within a week. 

This isn’t some modern phenomenon caused by Instagram (though this platform certainly helps spread the word.) Cast your mind back to the 90s when the ‘Rachel from Friends’ was a style emulated by girls in their thousands and the ‘Liam Gallagher’ was the guy’s cut of choice.

Venus Collection - 5


Interestingly, by way of contrast, a ‘planned trend’ can take up to two years to really catch on. They start in the backstreets of New York or London and are then adopted by cooler-than-cool artist-types, eventually busting out into the mainstream.

  • Short, lived in and textured looks are also on-trend this year. In a departure from the straighter and more structured looks of recent seasons, current trends are leaning toward hair that appears more naturalistic, with lots of texture. It’s all about creating effortless chic! 

If you’re struggling to picture it, just think of the mullet minus the longer section at the back. These are shorter cuts with a softer look, slightly more grown out than some of the other cropped styles you’ll see in 2021 (with a bit more movement.

Stained Glass Collection - 4
  • The pixie crop is probably the most super short on-trend style for consideration this year. Ask your stylist about it. While almost shaved, the pixie cut still leaves enough hair left to play with and style (depending on your clothing, accessories and mood.)
Playful Succubus Collection - 3
  • The final short style we’ve noticed falling into favour is the sharp, strong and structured look featuring hard edges and clean lines. These styles can take a variety of forms and usually live or die on the technical elements of the cut itself. They’re perfect for creating that edgy, ultra-modern finish that makes a bold statement.
Venus Collection - 4

New year, new you? As you’ve read, there is a wide range of cute hairstyles for short hair to choose from in 2021. If you’re thinking of biting the bullet and going for the chop (but are unsure of what kind of shorter cut will best suit your hair colour, features and lifestyle), we’re always happy to offer our special brand of friendly advice. 

Whilst some clients bring photos of styles they like to help convey a sense of the look they hope to emulate, others simply don’t have a clue where to start. Our expert team will suggest a finish that amplifies and enhances your overall look. 

We don’t stick slavishly to one particular style or cut but instead tailor each look to enhance the individual client (so start the new year looking your absolute best!)

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