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Busting the myths! Keratin treatments and the frizz-free possibilities.

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Busting the myths! Keratin treatments and the endless frizz-free possibilities for your hair.

Are you feeling frazzled by your frizz? If so – for those who haven’t heard already – there’s an easy and effective fix known as a keratin treatment (often referred to as a Brazilian blowout.)

If this is an option you’re already aware of and have considered, you may have avoided taking the plunge due to some of the common myths and misconceptions that exist around this type of hair straightening treatment.

While chatting all things keratin with clients, we often hear concerns about potential damage to hair, or we notice they worry about walking out salon doors with hair that has a dead-straight, lifeless appearance. This is something you’ll likely want to avoid considering the trend in 2021 tends to be more focused on naturally curly hair, waves and the ‘lived-in’ look.

If regular haircuts, styling and over the counter products just aren’t cutting it (pun!) when it comes to taming your frizzy hair, keratin could offer the ideal smoothing treatment. When you consider how much this kind of treatment has evolved in recent years, with the right products and after care, the outcome can pretty much be whatever you want or need it to be!


Myth Number 1 – Does applying keratin risk damaging my hair?

There is no need to worry that a keratin treatment will have any adverse effect on your hair. In fact, the reality is exactly the opposite! Keratin is one of our hair’s greatest allies. It is essentially a strong protein that’s naturally produced by the body to help maintain the quality of skin, nails and hair. For hair specifically, keratin fortifies against heat damage, preventing breakage and creating a smooth, frizz-free look.

When our natural levels of keratin become depleted, frizz is most likely to occur (which is particularly common amongst those partial to heat styling, plus other regularly applied colour chemicals.) What’s the take away here? As keratin has such strong restorative properties for hair, it doesn’t matter how frequently it’s applied. No amount is ever going to be too much!

Aside from being a protein our hair so desperately needs, the treatment itself is designed to coat the outside of each individual strand (rather than penetrating.) What this means is zero impact on hair’s strength and integrity. By treating hair with these extra moisture-storing molecules, it remains hydrated and healthy.

Plus . . . as if all the above wasn’t enough to convince keratin will help rather than damage hair, it also offers a barrier to protect from the kind of nasties that can cause damage (including pollution and humidity.)

Myth Number 2 – There is only one standard type of keratin treatment

We’re fortunate that the types of keratin treatment we have at our disposal today have evolved exponentially over the past few years. More products are now available than ever before to give your hair a healthy protein boost.

At the same time, knowledge amongst industry professionals around how treatments can be applied to generate various kinds of end results has kept pace with rapid product development.

The team at Co and Pace Salons has several highly experienced specialists in the application of keratin hair treatments, with up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest global products and techniques. Aside from knowing which brands offer the best results, our team also understands the best treatment option depends on your hair type.

Beyond this, we provide advice on keratin treatment after care and maintenance, including tips on washing hair after treatment, blow drying and flat ironing, plus the best hair care products to use for maintenance, including the importance of choosing a sulfate free shampoo after keratin treatment.

Myth Number 3 – Keratin might eliminate my frizz, but dead-straight hair is the only possible result

With the many different types of keratin treatment now available, as well as application techniques and complementary protocols, the right combination can achieve the frizz-free look you’re striving for, while retaining your hair’s texture, natural body and waves.

Put simply, the treatment and application process our specialist keratin professionals use is decided based on your hair’s distinct needs alongside individual goals.

While still a chemical relaxer, keratin is no longer used exclusively as a straightening treatment – which is important considering the shift away from popular, straighter styles in recent times toward a more natural, lived-in look. If you’re keen to keep your natural curls, a keratin treatment can be used in a way that enhances them rather than eliminating them, or to tame naturally wild curls for a slightly more relaxed finish, managing dreaded frizz.

The result of a keratin treatment is an overall improved aesthetic for your hair in its natural state. Even in annoyingly humid conditions, frizz will be one less thing to worry about as you enjoy your newly tamed locks alongside the shiny, natural, on-trend look your hair now exudes. 

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