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The 10 best haircuts for curly hair.

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Haircuts for curly hair, tips and trends

Gone are the days when dead-straight hair was THE outcome to aspire to.

Today more than ever, people value an organic, natural look . . . from beach waves to full-on curls, effortless chic is the goal. As such, the client of 2021 tends to want to capitalise on and enhance the natural qualities of their hair.

This shift may have something to do with taking a less-laboured approach to hair maintenance and styling following COVID-19, but is equally as likely to be connected to the circular nature of what we aspire to when it comes to our hair. The natural finish is what people are asking us for today, and we have to admit we are completely on-board with it!

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Styles for curls

One stand-out style making a rapid resurgence in 2021 is the shag or mullet cut, each of which rely on a soft curl for the most striking result. The humble bob is also making a comeback this year, another on-trend style that can be enhanced through embracing natural curls (rather than eliminating them with a GHD.)

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Natural curls

For those blessed with natural curls, this is all well and good. Your chosen cut can be tailored to accommodate and accentuate the beauty of your curls, all while giving the entire look and feel of your hair a noticeable lift.

When working with naturally curly hair, Co and Pace Salons always recommend a cut that’s blunt, and while texturizing by removing long strands of hair offers visually pleasing qualities, we’re always careful not to over-do this technique or add too many layers. Not only does this ensure natural curls look their very best, but it also helps control any issues you may experience with unwanted frizz (particularly when humid weather hits.)

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Maintenance tips

Try to resist over-washing, as this can strip hair of vital natural oils (essential for maintaining natural looking curls) – and while we’re talking about washing, we always recommend you use cold water for rinsing (then let hair dry naturally wherever possible.)

Run your fingers through wet hair as opposed to brushing or combing, and don’t use too much wind (for example, that created using your trusty hairdryer). Instead, consider a diffuser which applies only heat, completely removing the need for disruptive movement. These steps combined will help minimise or even eliminate fluff and fizz altogether.

Alongside this new approach to drying, the correct products also help keep curls looking healthy, natural and effortless. Particularly in the USA, lots of people are currently embracing their natural curls for this very reason. This is because over recent years, the products used to maintain have made significant strides in both quality and effectiveness (thanks to dedicated research and science in this area.) Being able to control curls more easily clearly makes them a more attractive and realistic option.

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Straight to curly

Of course, not everyone is blessed with naturally curly hair, but that doesn’t mean you should rule it out as an option if it’s a look you believe would suit your overall appearance. While the perm is no longer really a thing, there are still a number of easy ways to create waves and curls, even for those with the straightest locks.

The right cut without too many layers, hot tongs and other heat-application tools (alongside the most appropriate products) can all help lift and add volume to straight hair, transforming it with natural looking waves. The best part? Not only will they look great, but they will do so in an entirely effortless way.

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Relaxing while maintaining the right level of natural curl

Somewhere in between those blessed with natural curls and those with straight locks is the client with natural curls looking to tame them for a more relaxed and wavy finish. While the right cut can help, Co and Pace Salons also offer a specific type of keratin relaxant, formulated specifically to calm curls while retaining a level of natural looking waviness.

So, whatever the natural look of your hair . . . full-on curls, dead-straight, unwanted frizz . . . Co and Pace Salons can develop a solution to help you take advantage of the shift towards the curl, with a cut and maintenance regime to ensure curls and waves look the best they can be.

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