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Publication: INSTYLE Hair Magazine / Style Icons Website (The Intermedia Group)
Date: Sept 3, 2020
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Welcome Co and Pace Salons, newly built and renovated on what was previously the site for Papas and Pace and spearheaded by internationally renowned hairdresser Justin Pace. Situated in Brisbane, this new 2020 salon draws on Justin’s three decades of award-winning experience, as owner and creative director of the inspiring new venture.
Co and Pace Brisbane Salon Internall

The renovation, achieved through the challenges of the pandemic, speaks to Justin’s ambition and attention to design and detail, where aesthetic elements were taken from Japan and Justin’s own Italian heritage.

“Goals without actions are dreams. As I don’t want to live a day without purpose, I perpetually pursue professional and personal aspirations. Through the active participation in the hairdressing industry, I ultimately seek evolution,” Justin explained.

The unique aesthetic hybrid showcases European tiles, especially used to reflect the Sicilian culture of Justin’s heritage, designed to create a black and white mosaic style herringbone floor, reception and basin area, and complemented by Italian chairs and glassware. Adding to this personalisation, Justin custom-made dual-level station benches to frame the mosaic floor to mimic traditional Italian designs.

Co and Pace Internal Image

This was merged with a Japanese sensibility, showcasing Justin’s true love of the culture in repetitive timber slats and cast iron pots and authentic handle-less cups for serving green and herbal tea. Brass footrests, brushed brass metal strips on station benches and other brass finishes then add more luxe details. The salon will offer mezze black slate trays with brass handles to serve clients hot towels, beverages and refreshments. Curved shapes and a spiral staircase extend this decadence and offer a sense of warmth and cosiness as well.

Highly tailored and skilled services pair with the design, utilising Justin’s extreme experience as a salon owner, hairdresser, brand ambassador, hair director and educator, as well his commitment to his team and brand. Credits with Papas and Pace, Redken, Heroes and Villains Barbers and behind runways and on photo shoot sets, illustrates Justin’s wealth of talent to bring this inimitable salon destination to life.

The chic salon space has been meticulously crafted to act as a well-designed haven, with strong cultural elements, little touches of luxury and a sense of transformative escape in a myriad of ways. Welcome the all new Co and Pace.

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