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Style Magazines / 2022: Brisbane’s Best Hair Colourists

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Brisbane’s Best Hair Colourists 2022

Tone it Up! Transform Your Locks with Brisbane’s Best Hair Colourists!

Finding a colourist who can give you the perfect highlights for your skin tone and eye colour can often feel like a long and lengthy process! Thankfully, Brisbane is home to Co and Pace Salons who not only have a wealth of experience, but founder, owner, and creative director Justin Pace is an award-winning best colouris,  being a 2 x Australian Colour Technician of the Year Hair Expo Australia Awards recipient and is a Redken 5th Avenue NYC International/National Colour Educator. A favourite among many known faces of Brisbane and local models alike, Co and Pace Salons take a keen interest in the latest trends from around the world whilst keeping an eye on potential next-generation shifts. This knowledge is used to cross-pollinate modern styles with the classic, all achieved using the latest techniques, products, and equipment.


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