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Style Magazines / 2022: Brisbane’s Most Sustainable Hair Salons

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Brisbane’s Most Sustainable Hair Salons 2022

Saving The Planet One Snip At A Time! Brisbane’s Most Sustainable Salons.

Anyone that’s watched David Attenborough’s The Blue Planet will know the importance of sustainability and how every little bit counts. Aside from their enviable cuts and colours, there’s also a feel-good factor when visiting Co and Pace Salons, and that’s their commitment to reducing, reusing, and recycling their way to being a sustainable salon. Part of Sustainable Salons Australia and New Zealand, this company rescues up to 95% of salon resources from landfills and finds repurposing solutions that benefit both the environment and community. They also collect and donate cut-off hair to make wigs for those living with alopecia and cancer.Embracing these small steps makes a big difference, as well as not polluting waterways in the meantime. Now that you know your next hair appointment can have a positive impact on the planet, it never felt so good to get a fresh new ‘do.


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