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Style Magazines / 2022: Brisbane’s Best Hairstylists

By February 15, 2022 March 17th, 2023 No Comments

Brisbane’s Best Hairstylists 2022

Chop, Chop! We’ve Got The Scoop On Brisbane’s Best Hair Stylists.

As one of Brisbane’s most acclaimed hair institutions, the team at Co and Pace Salons led by founder, owner, and creative director (aka The Man) Justin Pace, employ some of the best hairdressers and stylists around town, so your hair is in the utmost safest of hands. Going a step above to create a personalised style based on your aesthetic and way of life, you’ll be taking selfies for days with your fresh and enviable hair. The number of familiar faces who’ve stayed with Co and Pace Salons for years (if not decades) is a testament to the quality of work that permeates everything they do. It’s little wonder they’ve built a solid reputation as one of the best hairdressers Brisbane has to offer.

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