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Style Magazines / 2023: Brisbane’s Best Hair Colourists

By February 3, 2023 March 17th, 2023 No Comments

Brisbane’s Best Hair Colourists 2023

Who’s That Girl? Make Your Mane Pop with Brisbane’s Best Hair Colourists. A New Lease on Life.

If you’re after gorgeous tresses and incredible colour, look no further than Co and Pace Salons. Located in the heart of the city, Co and Pace are firm believers a great colour can be transformative and confidence-boosting, and their skills are proof of that! Their talented colour specialists have the technical knowledge and artistic flair to ensure your dream hair hue comes to life without compromising the health of your locks in the process. Renowned for delivering incredible results in their stylish space, their expert colourists conduct thorough consultations to ensure you walk away with fabulous hair that is easy to maintain within your lifestyle.


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