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Eight questions people ask about hair extensions.

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Looking for something extra?
Eight questions about hair extensions answered!

Hair extensions are arguably more popular today than ever before – whether you’re looking for longer, more luscious locks, a bit of extra volume and body or a new style without having to wait. Whatever the motivation, extensions could be the answer.


Is it good to get hair extensions?

To create elaborate styles and tell a story of culture and status, hair extensions have been used in Africa and the Middle East for thousands of years (Cleopatra was famously a fan!) In modern times, it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that hair extensions saw a surge in mainstream popularity.

Today, people from all walks of life are wearing extensions thanks to their versatility and striking impact. How do they work? Are they right for you? To help you decide, the team at Co and Pace Salons have developed the answers to eight of the questions we’re most commonly asked about hair extensions.


How much do hair extensions cost?

How long is a piece of string (or a hair extension for that matter?) It all depends on the quality of the hair that’s used to create the extension. 

There are cheaper options (usually made using a synthetic hair substitute) or super expensive ones (usually made from actual human hair.) The latter could end up costing you several thousand dollars, however is high quality and has the added advantage of looking and behaving more natural . . . like real hair. 

Ultimately the product that’s going to suit you best will depend on the aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve.

Price is also determined by the technique used to attach the extensions to your natural hair. At Co and Pace Salons, we can talk you through the various products and application methods to help you achieve the end result right for your lifestyle, budget and desired look (ensuring your hair is always ready.)


What do people tend to use hair extensions for? 

The most obvious use of the hair extension is to add length, but they’re also increasingly sought after as a means of adding volume (so much so, the hairdressing industry refers to them as ‘fillers.’)


What type of hair extension should I go for?

At Co and Pace Salons, the skill with which your hair extensions are applied is vital. There are a number of options:

  • Tape-ins – the extension is fixed to natural hair using double-sided tape.
  • Micro-beads – tiny beads lined with silicone are glued to your natural hair, then used to attach the extension.
  • Fusion – also known as bonding or pre-bonding, this type of hair extension is fused with the natural hair using an adhesive.
  • Sewn-in – braids are created in your natural hair which the extension is then sewn to. This is what is more commonly referred to as a weave.
  • Clip-ins – these extensions are attached using hair clips, meaning you can easily remove a few or add some extra (depending on whatever look you’re going for that day.) Despite their reputation as an inferior option, the clip-in hair extensions of 2021 are of a much higher quality than in years gone by (so are definitely worth considering.)


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How long do hair extensions take to apply?

Again, the answer to this question depends on the type of extension and the application technique. Clip-in or temporary extensions can be done in a matter of minutes while stitching can take up to eight hours!


Do hair extensions damage your natural hair once they’ve been attached?

Depending on how the extension is attached, there is always the danger of damage being caused to your natural hair. Application by a trained and experienced pair of hands is essential (as is expert advice.) Also, you need confidence the person applying your new tresses can recommend the right products and techniques (based on the current condition of your hair.) The touch of a true professional will ensure your extensions look great and will stand the test of time (while minimising any risk.)


How long do hair extensions last and how often do they need to be reapplied?

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward. Essentially, the better you maintain your natural hair and extensions, the better they will look and the longer they’ll last. It’s wise to avoid oily products, which can cause extensions to move. As a general rule, as your hair grows out over eight – 12 weeks, extensions will become more noticeable (particularly if they don’t match your natural colour.)


Can the same hair extensions be used more than once?

Yes! If your extensions have been well looked after, there’s no reason why you can’t re-use them multiple times. The good news is after your initial investment, ongoing maintenance will be much cheaper (as you’re only paying for the application not the extensions.)


How do I know which hair extension solution is right for me?

This is exactly why we’re here! By asking the right questions, the team at Co and Pace Salons can help find a customised style to align with your personal tastes, enhance your natural features and suit your lifestyle.

We’ll sit down for a thorough consultation (during which time we’ll discuss your likes, dislikes and what you hope to achieve with your new look.) Our expert Brisbane hairdresser recommendations will be given and we’ll present you with a multitude of samples in a variety of colours. We’ll also explain how to care for your new locks (because healthy extensions, just like natural hair, always look the best.)

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