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2021 hair colour trends stylists say will take over.

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2021 hair colour trends stylists say will take over!

During the unusual year that was 2020 (understatement much?), a large majority of us no doubt embraced a period of putting minimal effort into our appearance.

As we move further into 2021 and life continues to slowly, slowly inch toward some semblance of normality, questions many of us haven’t asked ourselves for a while are once again coming to the fore.  

What am I doing Saturday night and what am I going to wear? How do I want to style myself for that wedding that’s suddenly crept up? What image do I want to portray when I return to the office 

One sure-fire way to freshen up your look post-lockdown, make a statement and feel like a new person every time you look in the mirror is to dye your hair and try a new colour. After all, we know the combination of a fashionable new hair style plus the perfect colour has the potential to elevate your natural features (and give your personal aesthetic a unique boost.)

Hair colour is a very personal choice. For some, it reflects crucial aspects of their personality. For others, it’s a very definite means of expressing themselves or creating a bold fashion statement. For some again, the task is simply about finding a way to introduce a subtle yet fresh twist on a colour they have felt comfortable with for years (and have no desire to drastically change.)

One interesting point to note is post-pandemic, we’ve definitely witnessed a sense of ‘less is more.’ Clients are now looking for an approach to their colour that won’t demand much maintenance (eight weeks seems to be the ideal period between touch-ups, as opposed to six weeks, which had long been the norm.)

Whatever category you fall into, our highly-experienced and passionate colour specialists will combine their experience, skill and artistic flair to give you the confidence to make a change.

At Co and Pace Salons, our thirst for knowledge is what drives us to continually remain at the cutting-edge of colour, plus a dedicated approach to learning about the latest application techniques from around the world.

With a commitment to using only trusted products we know are proven to deliver exceptional results, our team you can continue your existing colour adventure or commence a new one (all with absolute confidence.)

Katie Kugis ONE

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Brunette is here to stay . . . but with an added twist!

Timeless, classic and beautiful. Three words that will never lose their relevance when describing brunettes, plus the many gorgeous and elegant shades the term encapsulates. 

Healthy-looking locks are so in right now, and dark brown hair meets the criteria beautifully. Brunette hair exudes a healthy dose of shine, looks effortlessly natural and is unlikely to go out of style . . . ever!

There has always been a place for the singular, solid hair colour, particularly when it comes to black hair and brunette shades (plus some shades of blonde, come to think of it.) This popularity is showing no signs of abating in 2021, even despite an accepted reputation for being amongst the most maintenance-heavy approaches to colour.

This year however, clients are mixing things up a little by incorporating an extra twist. By applying subtle light or soft tones throughout their otherwise mono-shade hair, they are creating an air of softness and a multidimensional appearance.

Essentially, three or four colours are now being used to create a new and improved version of the solid, single-colour look of the past.

Christy Young TWO

Mixing warm and cool tones for the first time

In an effort to make sure locks complement and elevate skin tone, clients have traditionally tended to gravitate towards either warm or cool tones in their hair.

If you’ve warm undertones in your skin, the accepted approach has been to stick to warm shades like golden blonde, auburn, strawberry blonde, rose gold and dark chocolate.

At the other end of the spectrum are those whose complexions have cool undertones. They’ve tended to stick to cool shades like ash blonde, cool brown, deep mahogany and millennial pink 

Those with a mix of both warm and cool tones as part of their facial aesthetic are amongst the lucky few, having been able to carry off either warm or cool tones depending on their current whim.

In past, mixing these two opposing types of tone has proven problematic, simply due to the limitations of the products colourists have had to work with. Traditionally, mixing together two opposing colours would lead to a rather murky result.

In 2021 however, thanks to ongoing research and development, colour brands are coming out with an increasing number of options that successfully offer warm and cool combinations . . . think violet gold, pastel pink, cool apricot and rose gold.

The arrival of these new products has opened up a whole new world of possibility when it comes to what we can do with hair colour (and from what we’ve observed, clients are embracing the concept wholeheartedly.) People tell us they’re loving the warm / cool contrast, plus the visually striking result it creates.

Brontie-May Zaicew TWO

The 80s influence continues to gather pace

As an add-on to the previous point, the resurgence in popularity of warm tones is yet another example of the modern day embracing all things 80s! Warm tones were definitely popular during this era, though what we’re seeing in 2021 is a slightly more muted approach (the likes of golden blonde and rose gold preferred over the burgundy-reds and eggplant-purples of three decades ago.)

Katie Kugis TWO

Highlights are here to stay, and stronger than ever before

One thing that has become abundantly clear this year is our beloved highlights are not going anywhere.

We’re still utilising the same tried and tested application techniques from balayage hair lightening, whereby hand painting is used to apply colour to the outer surface of the hair (free-hand offering a softer, more natural look.)

However, whereas traditionally the highlight would have started off lightly at the root before gradually becoming heavier toward the tip, there has been a noticeable shift towards a heavier approach throughout, copper or blonde highlights becoming an even more prominent feature of the end result.

Meanwhile, ‘foils’ are moving in a similar direction, with colour applied to more sections of the hair than we’ve seen in recent times. The foiling approach has always been effective at providing structure and opportunities for a customised finish, so it’s little surprise to see its use escalating alongside the 2021 shift toward extra tones and highlights.

Whatever the application technique, the major difference is clients are requesting precision highlights and more of them than ever before (making them a much more noticeable aspect of the hair’s overall look and feel.) In the world of highlights and the use of colour, we like to think of this as the next evolution!

New year, new you? Are you ready to rethink your hair colour for 2021?

Whether maintaining and enhancing your traditional colour or seeking to make a bold change, consultation is one of the most important aspects of what we do at Co and Pace Salons – especially when it comes to colour.

So . . . whether you know exactly what you want or haven’t a clue where to start, there’s no need to panic. You can rely on the expertise and creativity of Co and Pace Salons to give you a fresh look that perfectly suits you and reflects a legitimate hair trend throughout 2021.

New year, new you? As you’ve read, there is a wide range of cute hairstyles for short hair to choose from in 2021. If you’re thinking of biting the bullet and going for the chop (but are unsure of what kind of shorter cut will best suit your hair colour, features and lifestyle), we’re always happy to offer our special brand of friendly advice. 

Whilst some clients bring photos of styles they like to help convey a sense of the look they hope to emulate, others simply don’t have a clue where to start. Our expert team will suggest a finish that amplifies and enhances your overall look. 

We don’t stick slavishly to one particular style or cut but instead tailor each look to enhance the individual client (so start the new year looking your absolute best!)

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