Papas and Pace

Papas and Pace

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Co and Pace External Signage

Introducing Co and Pace Salons


A new chapter begins as Papas and Pace becomes Co and Pace Salons.

Everything you’ve come to expect and love, only better!

A fabulous new name . . . a gorgeous new look . . . the very same boutique, high-end salon, with a team committed to ensuring you walk out our doors feeling and looking your absolute best.

At Co and Pace Salons (formerly Papas and Pace), we’ve undergone something of a rebrand – even rebirth! – in recent months. This represents the latest evolution in the story of our leader, internationally recognised, multiple award-winning hairdresser, Justin Pace. 

With three decades of industry experience under his belt, Justin has cemented his reputation as one of Brisbane’s most familiar, renowned, trusted and sought-after hairdressers.

A bone fide institution at the heart of the city, our beautifully renovated Ann Street premises represents a new adventure for Justin. It’s a gorgeous space, filled with the Italian and Japanese influences Justin loves.

Sicilian by heritage, Justin opted for quintessentially Italian chairs and glassware, European tiles used to create a black and white mosaic floor (perfectly fusing the crisp, clean white of the reception area with the contrasting dark of the basin area.)

Co and Pace Internal Image

To merge the Italian elements with echoes of Japan, Justin incorporated black timber slats throughout. As it was important the space retain the warm, inviting feel clients have come to love, Justin seamlessly integrated brass fixtures and fittings into the design.

To complement the spiral staircase leading to the mezzanine staffroom and office, the reception retail shelves are curved, balancing some of the sharper lines for a sense of cosiness. With this reimagining of the space, we’ve added a little extra vivacity, perfect for that lux-yet-relaxed feel our clients associate us with. We’re incredibly proud of the result and are confident you’ll love it just as much as we do! We can’t wait to share it with you!

Put simply . . . at Co and Pace Salons, everyone is welcome . . . from the older crowd comfortable with their tried-and-tested, classic style to the Insta-generation keen for total transformation via the most cutting-edge (pun intended), ultra-modern, creative finish.

At Co and Pace Salons, we not only pride ourselves on the diversity of our clientele but our ability to deliver tailored looks for individual clients. Following a relaxed consultation process, we’ll work with you to understand your goals and vision (offering gentle advice based on our expertise.) Our job is to come up with a style that perfectly complements and enhances your natural features, leaving you beaming with confidence. Sound familiar? That’s probably because it’s always been the Justin Pace way! New names and refurbishments aside, this fact will never change. It’s the beating heart of who we are and everything we do.

Our success is built upon a combination of technical knowhow, artistic flair and up-to-the-second knowledge of the latest fashions, tools, products and techniques from around the world. Justin scours the globe to discover not only the latest trends but next-generation shifts (providing unique perspectives and insights.) This commitment is shared by every member of our carefully selected, highly-skilled team, all of whom have an equal thirst for continual improvement, ongoing education and training.

Co and Pace Brisbane Salon Internall

In fact, Justin is such a firm believer in the power of building the right team (alongside the instrumental role they play), he chose to acknowledge us as the ‘Co’ in our name, Co and Pace Salons.

Justin describes his team as, ‘A valued fellowship of associates able to envisage the highest-quality outcomes for all.’ This is an ethos our clients can expect to see continue as we move away from the Papas and Pace era, diving headfirst into the exciting times that lie ahead.

Whilst we welcome new clients all the time, the long-standing nature of many of our relationships is testament to the quality of work we do (plus the welcoming and friendly vibe that envelopes the moment you step inside.)

We want you to feel relaxed in our presence. We strive to not only deliver cut and colour results that exceed your expectations but offer an enjoyable experience in an aesthetically pleasing environment.

We take a guest-centric approach. For however long you’re with us, we want you to experience a sense of escapism. As you leave your troubles at the door and walk in, you’ll immediately be greeted with a friendly smile. We’ll offer you a comfy seat, a hot or cold towel to leave you feeling refreshed, your choice of delicious biscuits, and hot and cold beverages (including alcohol, depending on your mood!) Have a flick through the latest editions of your favourite magazines, take advantage of our high-speed WiFi if you’ve work to do and need to set up a workstation or take some time to scroll through socials.

Since all aspects of professionalism mean the world to us, our salon is a vibrant and joyous place. We love a bit of banter. We love hearing about what you’ve been up to – and most of all – we love to have fun! If we’ve done our job right, you’ll not only hit the streets of Brisbane with the confidence that comes from rocking a fresh style but with that warm sensation you feel after catching up with an old friend.

As Justin takes this important next step, he is excited about the prospect of maintaining and growing relationships with his existing, loyal clientele (plus building on the legacy he’s so carefully and passionately crafted the last three decades.) 

Being Owner and Creative Director of two successful businesses prior to this latest move (positioning himself at the helm of Co and Pace Salons), plus his role as leader of and mentor to a team he’s so incredibly proud of, is Justin’s definitive accomplishment. Being his third business venture, Co and Pace Salons is the culmination of his life’s work so far, forming the basis upon which the ongoing, long-term evolution of his brand thrives. 

So there you have it. What’s changed at Papas and Pace? Everything and nothing, all at the same time! You can still expect the same exemplary levels of service and enviable new hair, plus all the comforts you’ve come to expect from a Justin Pace-operated salon. The only difference is, we’ve taken every attribute listed above and taken it to the next level. Though we’re excited about our plans for continued growth and evolution – most of all – we’re excited for you to take this journey with us!


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